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August 18, 2016  
Check out PDQ Deploy and Inventory:

Uninstall using PDQ Inventory via an MSI: 3:00

If you have to kill the process: 6:22

1605 Error: 7:29

Uninstalling an exe: 8:08

Question: I want to uninstall a specific application (one or more than one) on all computers of a collection. Is it possible to uninstall a specific application on several computers starting from the uninstall feature (kind of bulk uninstall) in PDQ Inventory?  11:45

Uninstalling from PDQ Deploy: 15:54

Question: Can you select more than one computer to uninstall an application? 20:21

Finding the uninstall silent parameter (Foobar example): 21:40

Question: Would it be best practice to always kill task before uninstalling? In cases where background services may be running when users are logged on? 28:52

Finding the uninstall silent parameter where /S is not the silent parameter (PDF Creator)  31:12
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August 11, 2016  
Expired Credentials and passwords: 1:20

Trust relationship: 2:45

Reset - Computer Machine Password: 3:54

Add / Remove computers from the domain: 5:13

Target Name Mismatch/ troubleshoot DNS issues: 7:19

DNS Scavenging: 17:01

Question: How does one prevent DNS records for servers from being removed when scavenging the zones? 22:56

Active Directory sync issues: 24:43

Question: We have in-house applications that I want to be able to push out to new users computers via Deploy. If they are logged on, only their credentials will be accepted for the installation. Weill I need to set up an interactive deployment for the apps to install successfully in that case?  26:58
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August 4, 2016  
The boss is coming back from vacation. School will be back in session. Learn how to prep your machines and environment for back to work and back to school.

Blog by Stephen Valdinger-Automating Software Installs for Imaged Computers:

Check for updated versions and licenses: 1:45

Check your previous schedules and check your targets:  3:03

Auto Deployment Baseline. Dealing with reimaged machines / new machines and computer names & histories: 3:59

Question: I’m trying to export my “All Computers” collection to be able to import it to our CIO’s install, is this a feature that is only available to Pro or Enterprise subs? 9:22

Question: We replace old computers after 3 years. What’s the recommended way to find the computer’s age using PDQ? 12:59

Machines that have old versions of software that need updating;  15:36

Question: Is there a way to shutdown a PC remotely, but making it do windows updates first? 21:32

Question: Win 10 Edge is driving ME to the edge. Any pkg to uninstall it or one coming? It’s killing me slowly. 26:46
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July 28, 2016  
Shane and Lex go over Best Practices

Specify Console users: 1:22

Performance: 3:54

-Change default concurrent targets per Deployments: 4:13
-Do not run on a 32 bit architecture 6:48
-PDQ Inventory performance / Disc I/OSSD Drive: 8:20
-Network default Heartbeat ping setting: 10:27

Deployment / Push vs Pull: 13:30

Change repository location to a file server: 14:02

Why push vs pull: 15:09

Specifying default copy mode push vs pull per package: 16:07

Question: When deploying to a certain group of PCs, do you recommend creating a group in Inventory, or setting up conditions within the package itself in Deploy? Why/ why not? 17:21

Use Variables in Inventory: 20:05

Question: Is there any advantage to sharing the package repository across the network and doing the pull method even if the repository is on the Deploy server? :23:07

Question: Should I push or pull if my files are stored locally, but the repository is listed as a UNC Share? 25:40

Best practice for Deploy retry queue: 26:31

Question: I need to deploy a package and keep retrying for offline computers. How to ensure deployment is done ONLY after business hours or during maintenance windows (e.g. 6pm - 6am) if retry is ON. 28:40
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July 21, 2016  

Shane and Lex talk about file and registry step conditions, and repository cleanup improvements

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July 14, 2016  

Lex and Kris answer your PDQ questions in this July's edition of PDQ & A

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June 30, 2016  

Shane & Lex use Inventory to scan for Microsoft updates and patches, and also answers your questions 

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June 23, 2016  

Shane and Lex show you the registry scanner feature in PDQ Inventory

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June 20, 2016  

Shane and Kris answer your questions in this monthly series

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June 9, 2016  

Shane and Lex show you how to deploy AutoCAD or any autodesk program silently

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